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Linux Mint: Crowd Favorite With A Familiar Feel

Windows users will feel at home with Linux Mint. It's easy to use with a similar interface to Windows. Linux Mint has been a crowd favorite for years and users will love using it.


This worked right out of the box. I have a good but older laptop with windows being a total nightmare and I didn’t want the expense and security exposure of taking it to a shop for reimagining. I used disk wipe to clean the drive and then inserted the Linux bootable USB and just followed the prompts. I was done in an hour. I surf the web, I send my emails I even installed the “wine”app and run a music teachers piano app made for the Windows OS on my Linux machine. Instead of crashing and slogging through each request it is just snip-snap responding as advertised.

– Julia Scott

Ubuntu: The leading operating system for PCs

Ubuntu is fast, easy to install, easy to customize all while remaining very secure. Great for any machine new or old and really easy to use. Ubuntu is the most popular Linux Distribution and a favorite of many.


I love Ubuntu Linux! I've used various versions of Linux before, but I think this is one of the easiest to get used to. I have pretty much abandoned Windows after almost 30 years and a lot of frustration. It's hard to wean yourself off of something after that many years, but Ubuntu Linux has made it easy. I still have a lot to learn about Linux, but Ubuntu makes everything pretty easy to learn.

– Customer